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Global SIM card - Starter Pack

Starter Pack

Includes: a HOPSIM card - add your own airtime at the checkout

Ideal for students or any cost conscious traveller, the HOPSIM  Starter Pack lets you stay in touch for less. It’s the international SIM card that doesn’t stop giving!

INR 800   Add airtime at checkout  BUY NOW

• Select the value of airtime required at the checkout
• Chat for six times longer with up to 85% off calls from 202 countries/territories
• FREE unlimited incoming calls in over 75 countries
• FREE to receive SMS/texts in all countries
• GPRS data available in over 80 countries/territories
• Your unused airtime never expires so you can use it whenever you go abroad
• Keep the same global mobile number for life
• No daily access charge or monthly fees
• Your global SIM is pre-paid so you won’t come home to a huge bill
• Your HOPSIM can be delivered to your door fast - next day available
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Being able to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends when you're abroad is really important, but the nasty phone bill waiting for you at home often isn't. Which is why choosing a HOPSIM global sim card makes so much sense.

Great call rates mean saving you up to 85% off international calls in over 202 countries worldwide. Which means you can talk longer for less. In fact you can talk six times longer than you would with a standard network provider. What's more, with HOPSIM, you don't pay roaming charges in over 75 countries, so you won't be charged if someone calls or texts you either.


Plus, on top of all this, your global SIM and any credit on it never expires, so you have an international number for life. Perfect if you travel regularly and are partial to the odd holiday or two!


HOPSIM Voice2Email, or V2E for short, is a unique voice activated dial in service that'll allow you to manage your emails from your mobile. With V2E you can listen to, compose, reply, forward and delete emails through the power of speech alone. What's more - you can also access your calendar and contacts too and also import contacts from many popular email accounts.

NEW - you can even update your Twitter status with a simple call.

Perfect for business travellers and holidaymakers alike, it really will provide you with a convenient way to stay on top of your emails 365 days of the year - using the power of your own voice and without the need for a special phone or connection to the Internet.

Set up V2E FREE today when you manage your HOPSIM International SIM card in your MyHOPSIM account. Check in our Rates Calculator to see the cost of accessing your emails in over 202 countries.


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"Best Startup 2011- Silicon India"