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hopsim User Guide

Now you can stay in touch in over 202 countries and territories, and in 75 countries of these you can also enjoy free incoming calls. Here is some useful information to help you get the most out of your hopsim Further details are available on our website at

Getting Started

  • Remove your usual SIM card from your handset.
  • Insert your new hopsim card.
  • Switch your phone on.
  • The phone will register itself with an available network (this may take up to 30 seconds).


Your hopsim is pre-activated so you can start calling straight away.

Mobile Number

Your unique international mobile number is printed on the reverse of the SIM card holder inside your hopsim packaging. The country code for your hopsim card is '+372'. Also we give you an option of a UK mobile number (as an additional number), which has the $0.25 per call flat charge.

Add Credit & Check Balance

You can add call credit to your hopsim card by purchasing airtime online at Call 099 to check your call credit, or select 'check balance' from your SIM menu or dial *146* 99 # then press 'send'. Your balance is presented in US Dollars. This is a free call.

Making Calls

Making a call from your hopsim is slightly different to the normal process:

Option 1

Enter the number you want to call (use the international number format e.g. to call the USA use '+1' or '001', then drop the leading zero of the number you wish to call. This process must still be done even if you are calling a number within the country you are in), and press 'call' (GREEN BUTTON). If you see a message 'this number is barred' please refer to Option 2. If not, proceed as follows. You will be disconnected (don't be alarmed, this is normal) and your phone display will say: 'Please wait'. Your mobile will ring out loud (this takes about 2-10 seconds). When the phone rings answer in the normal way. Your dialed call is now connected. If you cannot make calls this way or you hear a message that says 'this number is barred' it may be because some handsets (with various software versions) require you to call using the phone menu. If this is the case, proceed with Option 2.

Option 2

Within the phone's menu choose the hopsim menu (depending on the handset manufacturer this may be accessed from the Main Menu or under Extras/Tools/Applications/ Entertainment). Select 'Make a Call', and then select 'Call Number'. Enter number (using the international number format) and press 'call' or 'ok'. Your screen will show 'Please wait' (ignore this prompt). It then returns to the previous menu. Your mobile will ring as if receiving a call (this takes about 2-10 seconds). When the phone rings, answer in the normal way. Your dialed call is now connected.

Option 3

If option 2 does not work please dial *146*, followed by the full international number, followed by #, then 'send'.


This service is already activated on your sim card.

  • To deactivate dial '090'.
  • To check for messages dial '094'.
  • To listen to messages dial '095'.
  • Sending SMS

There are 2 ways of sending SMS from your hopsim:

Option 1

Select the Messages section of your menu and 'create new', enter your message, enter the full international format of the number, then press send.Your screen should then display 'Message sent'.

Option 2

If Option 1 does not work you will need to send SMS via the hopsim menu. In the hopsim menu select Send SMS and enter the full international format of the number, enter your message and press send. Your screen should then display 'your message has been sent' A minimum balance of $5 is required for the SMS service to be available.


Please keep your SIM card holder ( the credit card sized piece of plastic your hopsim came in) in a safe place, it contains your PIN & PUK codes for your hopsim. You will need your PUK code if you enter your PIN incorrectly 3 times. If you enter your PUK code incorrectly several times your hopsim will be blocked permanently.

Handset Compatibility

Your handset needs to be 'unlocked' to be able to use your hopsim card. Please check your handset by referring to the Phone Unlocking section in the Support area on our website. We provide general advice on how to find out if your handset is locked and few guidelines for getting the handset unlocked. However, hopsim should not be held responsible if a handset cannot be unlocked as per the guidelines described on our website.

The hopsim Menu

Select the hopsim menu from your phone and you immediately have access to the following options:

  • Call
  • Send SMS
  • Check Balance
  • Add Credit
  • Customer Care

Register your hopsim on in order to:

  • Add credit
  • Auto recharge
  • Call reports
  • Send free SMS
  • Set up Voice2Email for free
  • Switch voicemail on/off

Emergency services:

Dial the emergency service number for the country you are in and press 'call'.

Connection problems?

If you should experience any connection problems while using your hopsim it may be due to local network conditions. To provide you with this low cost international roaming service, 'home' networks are used in each of the countries covered by the service. Most handsets are configured to automatically select the strongest signal from the Networks which are available to it. If you should experience connection problems, including sending and receiving text messages, you may want to try switching between local Network operators by using the appropriate menu function in your handset (please refer to your handset user guide for precise information as how to do this) to select a different Network manually. As a guide:

Motorola handsets are found in 'Settings' > 'Network'.

Samsung handsets in 'Settings'>'Network Settings'>'Select network'

SonyEricsson handsets in 'Connectivity' > 'GSM Networks'.

Nokia handsets in 'Settings' >'Phone Settings' > 'Network Selection'.

*A GSM 900/1800 Dual-band handset is required where '900/1800' is shown (a Tri-Band or Quad-band GSM handset is also OK).

**A GSM 900/1800/1900 Tri-band handset is required where '900/1800/1900' is shown (a GSM Quad-band handset is also OK).

***A 3G handset is required where '3G' is shown (this is the only compatible handset).

See our website for information on handset unlocking, call charges, data usage and full terms and conditions at

Call charges are correct at time of printing but we reserve the right to alter rates without notification.

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